How to convince your child to learn how to play a musical instrument


If you are a parent, you definitely want your child to develop and to be able to distinguish between the things he or she likes or does not like to do. One way of helping them to sort out their preferences is by trying out as many new experiences as possible.

Let them draw and you will know if they like it. Let them dance and you will know if this is what they were seeking for. You may also find music classes for them to try playing a musical instrument. You never know, maybe this is what your child or children were born for.

If your desire is to convince your child to learn how to play a musical instrument, then you have to know how to do this. Children usually listen to their parents’ opinion only if their mom and dad make the opinion sound as if taken straight out of their children’s head.


Choose an instrument

Ask your child questions. Try to find out what instrument sound he or she likes most. Do not do it as if you already have a plan in your mind. Children usually do not stick to their parents’ plans. Just communicate. And, one day, ask your little one what instrument he/she would love to play. Children are very curious and there are few cases in which one will say “no” to trying something this interesting.

Encourage and help

Do not just leave your son or daughter with their teacher and go do your tasks. Stay with them, especially in the beginning. Encourage them, show your interest. Children feel great when they see that their parents want to be near them and it makes them want to continue practicing. Be their biggest fan.



Help your child choose the songs that he/she would like to learn. Pick something easy to begin with and change the songs as soon as your beloved one knows the actual ones pretty good. Change the level for the next songs and, remember, do not ever choose a song that your child does not like. They never do what they do not want to do!

Do not force

If you want your child to play a musical instrument, do not ever force him/her to do this. Children get enough “musts” at school. Make it different. Create a distinction between the things that have to be done and the things that your child really wants to do! Moreover, let your son or daughter choose the practice schedule. It may be very important, since children are usually told what to do, not to decide for themselves. This can prove to your child that you trust him or her.


My favorite country music singers


Despite misconceptions, country music isn’t only heard and appreciated in the South. There are country influences in almost all music genres and plenty of talented singers give credit to country music as having an important role in their development as artists.

And, even though for the past few decades country music has decreased in popularity, it has been brought to the mainstream attention once more thanks to appreciated singers and songwriters such as Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift. So I figured it would be interesting to tell you a little bit more about my top choices of country music singers.



Johnny Cash

You can’t say country music without referring to one of the most influential people of the 20th century. Johnny Cash was a vocalist, guitarist, and American songwriter known for his trademark low voice.

He received numerous awards as a recognition to his influence in country music, with some of his most known songs being “I Walk The Line”, “That Old Wheel”, “Cocaine Blues”, and “Man In Black”. He gained the nickname “The Man in Black” because he always wore black and dark-colored clothes.

The biographical movie about the life of Johnny Cash was released in 2005, two years after the singer’s death. “Walk The Line”, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, was nominated for five Oscars and three Golden Globes. It won one Oscar and all three Golden Globes nominalizations.


Dolly Parton

Along with Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton remains the most influential figure in modern country music. She is a singer, a songwriter, a record producer, an actress, author, musician, and business executive. She was heavily influenced by gospel music and plenty of her earlier performances took place in churches.

Throughout her career, Dolly released no fewer than 43 albums, with one of the most popular being “Jolene”, released in 1974. “Jolene” remains one of Parton’s most famous songs and was covered by dozens of artists over the years. She is also the godmother of famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus.


Lady Antebellum

Formed in Nashville in 2006, Lady Antebellum remains one of the today’s most renowned country music bands. Their unique sound combined with great vocals and a touch of sensitivity turned the band into a hit.

The band is one of the few to have exported their success over the American border, with their most known song, “Need You Now” reaching no. 2 in Billboard’s Hot 100 Tracks. The single was certified platinum and, soon, Lady Antebellum released an entire new album and performed on some of the most popular American TV shows and sports events.


Bonus: The Death South

The Death South is, in my opinion, one of the coolest and freshest country bands in the past few years. The Canadian music ensemble identifies with different music genres, from folk-bluegrass to country, indie, and more. The band also had a banjo player who left in 2015.

Nevertheless, their music is both serious and funny at the same time and their number one hit, “In Hell, I’ll Be in Good Company” became a YouTube sensation thanks to the great video.