3 amazing presents for book geeks

Book nerds are wonderful people that have a great personality and sense of humor. The reason why we fail to see these positive aspects is that they prefer to read a book and sip from a tea mug in a nice and quiet place. Even though they like to be left alone, no one will ever say no to a special gift that comes from the heart.

Because it’s difficult to understand a geek’s nature, we have a hard time deciding on the perfect item to give them as a present. Fortunately, lots of online stores have tons of cool stuff that suit perfectly the personal needs and preferences of a bookworm. Showcased below you’ll find a top list of suggestions that you can use next time you need to get a present that won’t disappoint the receiver.



  1. An explorer’s guide to the hidden treasures of the world

The majority of books geeks are fascinated about books that cover all sorts of beautiful locations from all over the world because they feel like virtually traveling while reading them. So it’s quite a great idea getting them a book that doesn’t look like a traditional travel guide. Instead, it gives you hints about places that are not so famous and less crowded with tourists. Basically, it’s like having a useful local guide that shows you what’s actually cool to see and not what all people want to visit.

Also, a book like this covers all the continents so that it’s impossible to ever get bored. The best part is this written gem doesn’t necessarily encourage people to book a ticket and travel but to learn new things and expand their cultural horizons.


  1. Solar lantern for reading

Now, this is a real lifesaver for any book lover out there. It happens a lot especially when you find an excellent book that really captures your interest and you forget about time. Some people enjoy reading books at night because it’s the only moment when they feel relaxed. Plus, it’s quieter and almost no chance to be disturbed.

A solar lantern that can be deflated and folded comes in handy if you’re on the road, camping with your RV. The best part is that it is completely waterproof and shatterproof and features different lighting modes to choose from.


  1. Secret library door

This gift is truly magnificent because it gives the user the possibility to have its own bookshelf that swings open and reveals a hidden door. The door provides access to a room that can be used as a private reading room, a secret passageway or a pantry.  

A product of this kind comes with clear instructions that allow you to customize the door according to your space and other elements of design.




5 funny baby gifts for new parents


It is said that having a newborn will complete your life as a mother, and will give greater meaning to your family life as well. And while all that seems magnificent, how many of you mothers and fathers out there didn’t feel like losing it at least once in the first few months?

All the baby screamings, constant eating, and changing diapers doesn’t seem like my type of week, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Well, maybe just for an afternoon off, a hot bubble bath, and a large glass of rose wine.

However, being a new parent does have its perks as well, meaning you get to receive a lot of gifts for the baby shower and the upcoming birthdays. And, while most of them will happen to be for the baby itself, one can only dream of something actually useful, or at least funny, for the parents too. Anyway, I made a list with some of the funniest baby gifts I know I would want to receive for my upcoming baby shower (wink, wink).

A new stroller

I know it’s an expensive gift but just think for a second about all the spending I have to on my list just by taking this baby out of me. If you want to make a considerable gift to a new parent, buy a baby stroller. These cool baby strollers may come in handy if you’re running out of ideas.

Baby onesies and bodies

Again, not entirely for the parents, but I cannot resist buying tons of onesies and bodies for that little fellow. They are simply adorable, and some of them can make the parents laugh too. What I like is that all of them are made from soft and breathable fabrics, so my baby won’t get rashes or irritations while wearing them and looking cool.

Trust me; a cool baby onesie will be a great gift for parents too because, let’s face it, people are the ones seeing it, not the baby itself.

Adult coloring books

It may seem like childish, but there are some very cool “mom life” coloring books depicting every story that has happened or will happen to you, as a new parent. So why not cut some slacks and get a good laugh once in a while? But if you manage to perfectly color more than a couple of pages in a month, you may want to look after your baby more.

Funny T-shirts for parents

Sometimes you want to brag about your parent skills, so what better way to do so than by letting your outfit speaking for you? With just a quick online browse you will find thousands of shops selling funny t-shirts to wear while shopping, day caring, taking your child to kindergarten, and others. I got mine saying “World’s Number 1 Okayest Mom” because, well, I have bad days too.